The unique nature of the product:
Eiderdown is a natural material that is unparalleled. The feature of the down is unique because it is covered with very small and hardly visible soft hook shaped filaments that cause its adhesion. The airy filling causing remarkable lightness, high insulation and good ventilation.
Cleaning method:
Cleaning the eiderdown requires extreme precision and care. The eiderdown is dried and roughly cleaned by hands, grass, moss and other dirt removed. Next the eiderdown is heated to 130°C followed by removal of most of the remaining excess material such as feathers in special made machines. Finally the eiderdown is carefully handcleaned, removing every last piece of excess material before the eiderdown is hand washed with natural materials to prevent odors and dust that could trigger allergic reactions.
Quality control:
Quality control system by certified assessor ensures buyers of icelandic eiderdown highest quality product. By certification the purity of the eiderdown, scent, color and weight is assessed and confirmed. Certificate is filled out, stamped and signed by the assessor on behalf of the Icelandic goverment. Under Icelandic law only icelandic eiderdown which has passed quality assurance can be exported.