Stellan of Iceland is named after Guðríður Jóna Árnadóttir or Stella as she was always called. Stella was born in Akranes in 1923 and moved to Knarrarnes on the 12th of may in 1927 with her family, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and three brothers. Knarrarnes became her home for life. Stellan Of Iceland is her legacy.
Stella's dream was always to go to Italy to study singing but the reality in Iceland at the time didn´t allow young people to chase their dreams. Stella´s future was at home in Knarrarnes to take care of the property with her family.
Knarrarnes is an archipelago in Faxaflói in the west of Iceland. The islands are about 40. Much work was always needed to take care of the islands. Stella´s family life work was to build barrier of rocks around the home island to protect it from erosion and to look after the diverse wildlife which has always thrived there.
The eider duck has always lived in Knarrarnes and has always been a big part of the islands. Since the family moved to Knarrarnes in early summer of 1927, harvesting eiderdown was one of the first tasks for the family in a new home and was ever since one of the primary work to be done. The down was harvested at the beginning of each summer and cleaned during the winter. This was the beginning of Stellan Of Iceland.
Stella passed away in 2009, last in line of her family. Her relatives keep her memory alive through the quality & comfort Stellan Of Iceland gives.
The location of Knarrarnes:
Latitude: 64°30'41.11"N
Longitude: 22°16'26.81"W