Care for your eiderdown duvet.
Your duvet is made from one of the finest materials available. Take a good care of  your duvet and it´ll last longer.
Always use a duvet cover to protect your duvet from everyday soils and stains caused by body oils or accidental spilling of all sorts.
Fluff the duvet on a daily basis. Grab the duvet by one end and give it a few good shakes. Air your duvet a few time´s a year outside. Just make sure the weather is dry.
Laying or sitting on top of the duvet decreases the lifetime, although giving it a good cuddle during your sleep is very cozy. Down clusters are strong, but if they are repeatedly crushed they will eventually break, causing your duvet to lose it's airy filling.
The duvet may never need cleaning if properly covered and cared for. Frequent or improper cleaning can damage the down clusters.
Home style washing machines are usually not designed to handle large down items. Washing your comforter at home can cause damage to your comforter. We do not recommend it, but should you decide to wash your comforter, contact professional cleaner.
You can contact Stellan Of Iceland for further information.