Returning products:
Eiderdown duvets can´t be returned unless they have manufacturing faults.
Product warranty:
Duvets are sold with the understanding that the responsibility is taken for manufacturing fault which occurs in the first 3 years after the original date of purchase , assuming normal use. Buyer must himself bear the cost of returning the defective product, unless otherwise has been agreed.
Limitation of liability, warranty expires:
If the duvet has been improperly handled according to Stellan.
If the duvet has been used in unacceptable conditions.
No responsibility is taken regarding normal wear of the product.

Prices, taxes and fees:
Prices do not include VAT which will only be included if the duvet will be sold to an Icelandic address. All prices on this page are published subject to typos. Stellan Of Iceland reserves the right to change prices or discontinue offering some duvet dimensions without notice.
Duvets are usually not in stock. Normally the product is processed in 3-7 days after ordering, if size of duvet shell is available. Custom made duvets can take up to 4 weeks to process. Upon ordering, you´ll receive information regarding expected shipping date. Overseas orders are delivered by TNT Express transportation and does their policy of delivery, transportation and insurance apply. Should the product damage during transport the buyer will be fully compensated.
Stellan will not give confidential information to any 3rd party under any circumstances.